March 22, 2021

Bees needed for biodiversity

Biodiversity, Bees & Avocado Toast

For bees to survive, they need wild habitat rather than fields of crops; large-scale food production fails to provide homes for them. As Big Ag increasingly turns wilderness into manicured, mono-cropped fields of commodities, it eliminates more and more bee habitat. The trend has enormous implications for food, world economies and more according to a …

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The Bee Conservancy Saves Pollinators With Hive Program

I haven’t yet encountered bees in 2021. Once the snow melts this month, however, I will visit thousands of them. Shortly after the row cover shrouding mustard greens like arugula and kale at Black Cat Farm is removed, the plants begin producing blossoms. Honeybees will swarm. For many, it will be their first taste of …

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