cannabis packaging

Cannabis Greens Up With Sana Packaging

The budtender champions the genetics, the organic cultivation methods, the sustainability — the grower uses only electric vehicles to ship her product! —of the eighth of Purple Haze.  Solar panels power the dispensary. Artisans crafted the display cases out of trees felled by pine beetles. Product menus — strains, gummies, vapes, lotions — appear only […]

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Mouthwash DIY is baking soda, water and essential oils

Do You Really Want Nanoplastics in Your Mouthwash? DIY it!

So many of the things that we buy as “toiletries” revolve around making us feel fresh and sparkly and effervescent. Thus, the emphasis on peppermint, and dirt-fighting soap. Mouthwash fits squarely into the desire for “fresh and sparkly,” and most commercial mouthwashes leverage mint or other flavors that seem to parallel mint for the fresh

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rocks stacked on top of each other on Open Space field

Campfire Content Joins #noplastic Revolution

Campfire Content treasures companies and people devoted to improving the planet. We champion efforts to reduce plastic. To regenerate soil. To mitigate energy use, fight global warming and fortify the natural world.

Campfire Content embraces the #noplastic revolution. Plastics clog our seas and waterways, killing fish and sea mammals and destroying ecosystems. So much plastic now pollutes earth that microplastics get carried into clouds, and fall as rain.

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